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In today’s fast dynamic and challenging world ,it is crucial to make the right career choices substantiated on each individual’s unique behavioural insights. Researchers believe that our inherent nature if aligned to our work ,results in exponential satisfaction and successful careers .

Confucious, the philosopher very aptly puts it “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We at Career Charter help you to make that choice!

Career counselling offers “the right choice at the right time to every individual to achieve their goals” We believe that career counselling needs to start at high school for a satisfying and successful career.

We offer customized career counselling through scientifically designed psychometric assessments and counselling from experts.

Why Career Counselling?

Choosing the right career can be very rewarding with the right career guidance. The professional life of a student begins with the career choice at the transition years of her / his life, ideally in the age group of 14 to 18 where they start making subject / stream choices. It is important to understand their own skills and inherent qualities and align those to their career choices. It is only then that they get to excel in what they do.

What does Career Charter do?

1. Career Assessment – Standardized A-P-I Testing : The students can take online Aptitude – Personality –
Interest assessment, which are designed, validated and standardized for Indian context.
2. Personalized Reports: Post Assessment and Analysis,Career Recommendation Reports are provided.
3. Career Recommendations: Based on the A-P-I analysis and other qualitative attributes of the students, experts
would narrow down the choices to 3 Best-Fit Careers / Courses for each student.
4. Career Counselling to make make the RIGHT Career Choice through a personal one to one session or a personal
skype Session.